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a sea of orange and black as hundreds of thousands of giants fans honor the champs. now the massive efforts to get city back to normal. and under water and out of power residents along the east coast still reeling in the wake of a super storm. good evening. it's wednesday, october 31st. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7. the big parade is over. in san francisco the traditional gathering spot is the in castro where adults dress up for a street party. amber lee live to show us how that party is getting started. >> happy halloween, everybody. it's been raining on and off during the past hour here. it stopped for the moment but looks like people are still
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ready to party tonight. >> there we go. >> reporter: this is carr men and her orange and black glory. expiring to mrs., the popular giants player. >> it's a party. just a big party. we loved it. >> reporter: then there's this family dressed as big bird and dog i did guised as a bad. we also found a group of international students that said this is fair thirst halloween sell -- they're first halloween celebration. >> reporter: had t remains to be seen it rain will keep people away. there is a police command post. we're told this area along with the mission and the gary corridor is getting extra attention tonight in recent years the castro has been
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mostly peaceful, after the city stopped closing streets and stopped allowing live entertainmen. the that's the latest from here. in the south bay officials in san jose hope to make this halloween more treat than trick. they note that children are more likely to take fall on halloween than any other night of year due to darkness and tripping on costumes. today emergency medical workers handed out safety tips and neon bracelets. san francisco police are investigating a shooting in the tenderloin deliberate acceptability two people the hospital. this happened just before 3 almost 3 this afternoon. cell phone video from the witness shows the scene not far from civic center plaza. police say they have no reason to believe the shooting is related to the celebration of the giants. but the crowds in the area witnesses say it was chi yachtic. >> i was thought it was fire works but then i saw people scattering running and you kept
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hearing it in rapid succession. so you knew right away it was gunshots. >> police say one of the men shot was treated and released. the other has life threatening injuries. they believe the shooting of gang related. no arrests yet. the city of san francisco is still buzzing tonight after the giant celebration honoring the new world series champions. >> how do you feel? >> awesome. >> the crowds cheered as the giant players road down the streets in open convertibles. everyone at tt and t park were also invited to walk in the parade. >> it's just such a great team that we all want to be here to celebrate and thank them. san francisco police are saying they were more than 1 million people at parade. fans decked out in black and
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orange. victory parade ended with a rally the civic center where the teen was given not a key to the city because gold broom. coming up the team and city. >> look at each one of my teammates wind all got a different story but we as i recall one goal in mind. one job in mind we all had one how do you say, dream. and that was to become world series champions as a group. >> he gave away a secret showing of how the team got pumped one the slow clap. after the parade comes the clean up and city workers are wasting no time in getting a ton of confetti off the streets.
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this is different about that 2010 clean up, right? >> that's right. this was covered in confetti just six hours ago. it's pretty good now but i want you to take a look at this. this is some of con felt tee and crews tell me it was different, larger and easier tan to clean than to 10 which made a huge difference. >> reporter: as the giant pass raid ended a another parade of clean up crews rolled out. about 50 workers used brooms and blowers to clear streets along with six sweeper trucks. water flusher trucks, and garbage truckings. even fans did the a by the of picking up taking confetti as souvenirs. >> i seven some dirt. >> reporter: one fan brought his orange and black broom. only fitting after giant's sweep. >> we swept them. the tigers got them out underneath the rug. >> reporter: they were 2 10-
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times more con feet tee this year deny confetti but this public works say this is bigger and biodegradable and easier to clean. >> last time activist much harder for our machines pick up. >> reporter: crews were confident. >> it's not too bad. we've seen worse. >> reporter: crews say they hope to have the entire parade encute cleaned up by 9:00 here in the city and say if it does rain it might help to keep halloween revelers at bay and prevent any additional trash. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. bart may set a new record. bart's previous record of 5 # 2000 came it two years ago. the day of the previous giant's
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victory parade. also a very long line of people waiting for the ferry. they ran extra boats today. if you want to watch today's parade coverage we'll be streaming it for you again tonight ant immediately following this newscast. san francisco police say they've arrested a 22-year-old man suspected of destroying a bush windshield during the big celebration that followed sunday's world series sweep. they identified him from a photograph and arrested him late yesterday. several people this hair -- had their cell phone's rolling 37 he was booked on suspicion of vandalism. devastation is matched by determination tonight on the east coast. the unofficial death toll from super storm sandy has raise ton
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66. -- risen to 66. more than 6 million people without power tonight. >> reporter: astonishing damage becoming clear today. the new jersey shore. whole neighborhoods swallowed. lock after block of shattered holmes. >> you're trying to get out out of window. it's freezing, the wind is blowing. >> reporter: national guard troops today still rescue thousands of displaced. >> they're telling us two days before power here and i lost the first floor so i got come back and dig that out. >> president obama and chris kristie met with residents. >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: many homeowners have no flood insurance and the water remains. >> with power out like lie for days yet, gas stations rationing fuel. in manhattan traffic is move bug power is still out. officials today confirmed 110 homes there's no that downed
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power line fire. new jersey's seaside park -- roller coast, a similar it will of what may be the costliest storm in history. new york city mayor bloomberg did the honor this morning reopening the stock exchange after a two day shutdown. they are running on generators. stocks closed slightly lower. analyst say investors will a lot of information digest. there's still a chance sunday's race will be called off. city officials have the final word and must determine if it's safe enough to hold the race. and red cross relief heads east. what the organization is asking people here to do to lend a
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hand. it is a rare case to prosecutor. robert honda was in the court as a school principal accused of violating a school law of reporting possible child molestation. >> reporter: a school principal went on trial today. charged with failing to report a teacher who may have molested a student one year ago. that teacher, is now awaiting trial for molesting five children. according to police report, an eight-year-old child who took the stand told the principal he had blindfolded her and touched her as part of a hellen keller report. >> she needs to contact law enforcement and let them do their jobs. >> reporter: detective is took the stand and tved he acknowledged her notes indicated misconduct by chandler. >> she said the notes look bad,
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don't they. >> the detective said yes. >> he and did she said i should have called the police and our whole point is yes, you should have. >> her attorney says the principal was fooled by a teacher she trusted. >> he didn't have to ask him or prompt him. each of the things the child said were covered by the statement that the chandler gave and they were explained as part of lesson and that was clearly designed to cover that conduct and it was clearly well thought out and planned. >> the trial will resume tomorrow and he says he has not ruled out calling the bj to the stand. if convicted she faces six months behind bars. state prison is under medical lock down un. the condition that's resulted in suspension of all visits. autoindustry leaders say not so fast.
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their issue with mitt romney's newest campaign ad. the rain continues to pick up across the bay area. the track of the showers in the next few hours. the thunderstorm and shower chance as we head to thursday and the one temperature change you can't expect in the upcoming weekend. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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two key airports serving the new york area are big -- back open today. la guard ya still closeed. in the meantime red cross volunteers across the area heading the storm zone. the disaster is also filling up
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blood do nation center. >> reporter: red cross volunteer hopped on a plane and flew to new york. >> it can be traumatic. >> the licensed psychologist party of a mental health team that's been deployed. she's most worried about the people who have the least. >> the more stresses you have and get hit with another one, it's really hard. if we can respond quickly it's really more likely they can heal faster. >> reporter: so far just over thirty red cross volunteers from the bay area have been deployed arizona and as many as 100 more could leave in the coming days. >> in the meantime the red cross asking people here at home to pitch in by donating a pint. the blood do nation center in oakland was packed today. >> it's one of the most
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concrete things i can do. i can't really give money but i can give police -- blood. >> reporter: all of that extra blood will go a long way to helping people in the storm zone. hundreds of blood drives have been canceled living with a short fall of 11,000 unit. we're hoping we'll see the response from donors come out to rebuild that inventory. so far the response has been overwhelming. call the it sandy effect. hurricane sandy knocked politics out of the national spotlight for a time but with the presidential election looming next week the candidates back only the move today. vice president joe biden campaigned in florida pointing out that bipartisanship can be put aside in times of disaster. >> we're all better off when everybody's in the deal together. we're all working together. so hopefully when this god awful storm and its aftermath is dealt with, hopefully when this selection over, we'll once
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again do what we always did as americans, work together. a long party lines. >> reporter: mitt romney was also in florida today with his own message stressing national unity. >> that's one of the great characters of our people. we come together in times of trial and this is one of those times for millions of people in our country. so do your very nest and your prayers and thoughts and your funds you can. >> mitt romney made his remarks at university of miami. florida is a key swing state in next week's election with 29 electoral votes. the presidential election is set for next tuesday. >> obama took g m&a chris -- j -- gm and chrysler. >> they're protesting a romney campaign claiming that they are
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sending jobs to china. chrysler and general motors both dispute the claims. romney's campaign insist the ads are accurate. government to brownies tax rate have slipped below the plus 1. 48% of likely california voters say will vote yes. 38% say they'll vote no. back in july it had 4 5-4%. it has 34% support 49% say they'll vote no. >> oakland city council member, is target of an ethics commission. an unidentified citizen says say illegally used this computer. he announced he would run at at large council seat. complaints seamed liking a sign of desperation by political opponents. within a few years the entire university of california
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is going smoke free. ucla aknox today it'll ban all tobacco by next spring. starting april # 22, it will be prohibited. officials say they want to make ucla the nation's healthiest campus. the prison has been put on medical lock down since fraud an outbreak of chickenpox. the prison has suspended visits. to the inmates with chick pots have been quarantined. authorities say pinole police aired donald ray mckulla. officials say he was uncorporative and a deputy saved him he was later found unresponsive. a northern california man today told his story of survival just one day after he
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was attacked by what was believed to be a great white shark. 25-year-old scott steven spoke from a hospital today. he has a 14-inch bite wound in his side but no damage to major arteries or organs. he was surf off the coast of eureka when a shark pulled him under water and bit him. >> i open mid-eye and punched shark on the side of the head a couple times until it released me. >> reporter:. >> he could be released from the hospital as soon as tonight. two -- too warm to hit the slope. suspended opens after a month of early skiing. and meteorologist mark is up to what bay areas can expect a wet night. pillsbury grands biscuits.
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delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. with snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a free bottle of ranch from hidden valley. it's on. let's roll. it is fun while it lasted. after an early open, boil ski reports is now suspending operations. it was blanketed with snow last week but warming weather is forcing them to shut down starting tomorrow. and it's halloween night
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and we grew up here so we know the costume covered one a jacket or rain slicker. >> the rain clouds have been moving into parts of bay area. the timing has been challenge but already some rainfall. especially in parts of north bay extending to san francisco and oakland. the wider perspective on the the satellites on live storm track, to seems to be the loop and a closer inspection you can see some of the activities and reports of heavier rain toward san in a rosa especially with those darker shades of green. that yellow does respond to heavier cells in the nevada area right around lucas valley. we'll continue to move the map to the south and we'll show you this. closer to san francisco and look at this. the more activity just off shore. look out for in this will be the tours for rain but the south bay you just under cloud cover. morgan hill and gill roy. that rainfall will gradually work its way to the south. in fact, these were some of
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reports earlier this evening on his facebook weather page and some light sprinkles and also in san francisco some drizzled ad san francisco state university and right around alameda reports of light rain. current numbers are in the upper 50s to lower 60s. downtown san francisco upper. here is the forecast. north bay you have the rain, some showers developing for san francisco and okay land, just the chance of the south bind inland valleys. plenty of cloud cover. we do have this with some cloud cover out there. some rainfall developing. tomorrow is morning shower a mixture of cloud and sun. we do warm things up. so this is a source of the rainfall tonight. this will be a fairly quick mover. so with that just a chance of a few showers a forecast model
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does show this. an increase in the rainfall coverage. and decrease in activities you can't pick out but still a chance of a spotty shower. forecast highs on the cooler side mainly in the mid-to upper 40s. san jose tops out 69 and san francisco will go with 63 and look ahead after that chance of a shower tomorrow we warm things up nicely by the weekend. >> thank you. giant fans got one will the treat as today' victory rally wrapped up. ♪ a surprise appearance by tony bennett. the team held up their new hardware z at croonerrer is nateed der air is air is -- sang to the cloud. thank you for trusting ktvu
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channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm mick muck. -- gasia mikaelian. we're all here for you at and tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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